Check the /assets/nls directory of your locally installed demo, to see the result of the merging process!

General information

Configuration options (/protected/config/main.php)

//part of /protected/config/main.php:
    'clientScript' => array(
        //------ General NLSClientSript settings ------
        //Path to the extension (autoloaded)
        'class' => 'nlac\NLSClientScript',
        //It only does merging if more than [mergeAbove] files are linked
        'mergeAbove' => 1,
        //If set, it will be appended to the merged files
        'appVersion' => '1.0',
        //Filtering - null or js regex here
        'includePattern' => '/process_only_this_pattern/',
        'excludePattern' => '/no_process_this_pattern/i',
        //CURL options, see
        'curlTimeOut' => 15,
        'curlConnectionTimeOut' => 15,
        //------ JS-merge specific settings ------
        //Do merge js files!
        'mergeJs' => true,
        //If true, the merged files will be re-composed on every request - set to true ONLY for debugging/development
        'forceMergeJs' => false,
        //If true, it applies minification on the result
        'compressMergedJs' => false,
        //If true, it attempts to merge scripts pulled by ajax-requested partials
        'mergeIfXhr' => false,
        //Filtering for merge - null or php regex here
        'mergeJsIncludePattern' => '/only_merge_this_pattern/i',
        'mergeJsExcludePattern' => '/no_merge_this_pattern/i',